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Water, what water?
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Water, what water?

Hole 18

'And now, the end is near, and so I face, the final curtain / countdown / showdown...'. Ok, so there you are, standing on the 18th tee with a belter of a card in your hand. This COULD be the day, 2 shots coming off the handicap. You see the photo of you holding the cup, that big cheeky smile. You adjust your stance, waggle your hips and your driver, imagine you're Bubba Watson, and LET IT RIP....Oh YES, a beautiful fade, screaming out over the 1st tee, turning, turning, going to land in the top right corner of the fairway for that heroic wedge to within 4 feet so you can sink it for a birdie....yes, YES....Oh- what was that? A splash? Never!


We promise you this. The 18th will be etched in your memory forever, no matter what happens.

Shake hands. You've had the time of your life. Go on, admit it. Now get to the 19th for that drink.


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