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Anglesey Golf Club Bar Menu




 Brunch Bites


Bacon Bap £3.00

 Bacon and Egg Bap £3.25

Local Butchers Sausage Bap £3.25

Local Butchers Sausage and Egg Bap £3.50

Scrambled Egg and Tomato Bap (V) £3.00

(Gluten free rolls available)


Side Bites

Chunky Chips or Potato Wedges £1.60

Cheesy Potato Wedges £1.75

Baconeese Potato Wedges £1.96

(Potato Wedges cooked with Bacon finished with grated cheese)





Anne Wilson Cordon Bleu Catering also for

Weddings, Christenings, Parties, Funerals, Conferences

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Club Sandwich




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